Pivot Floor Lamp
The Pivot Floor Lamp is a contemporary take on mid-century modern lighting design. Designed for living spaces, the lamp offers adjustable area lighting and serves as an intriguing statement piece.
The Pivot Floor Lamp won First Place Industry Award for Sophomores at the Georgia Tech Spring 2019 Launchpad.
This was a solo project.
Form Exploration
Initial sketches explored tripod designs. I was interested in how shifting weight and proportions could create unique and captivating forms.
Further development in CAD aided me in refining proportions and design details.
1:1 Scale Prototyping
A full-scale mock up of PVC pipe and foam core tested scale, proportions, and stability.

Further proportional refinements were made based on what I learned from prototyping.
Finally, a 1:1 scale, functioning model validated the design.