Porsche Cycling: Century E-Bike
The Century E-Bike by Porsche Cycling* ushers in a new paradigm of transportation by elevating the bicycle to an aspirational commuter vehicle. In applying the Porsche standard of excellence to the modern bicycle, the Century features a performance oriented design with an aggressive rider geometry and carbon fiber frame, while still promising everyday practicality via electric pedal assistance and integrated lights, turn signals, and UI. The Porsche Cycling Century E-Bike redefines what it means to commute, while advancing electric micromobility adoption for a more capable and sustainable future.
*Porsche Cycling is a concept brand for educational purposes only. All rights belong to their respective owners. This project was sponsored by Czarnowski.
Team members: Daniel Nixon, Joseph Nixon, Rachel Hu, Sarah Haymans, Vaishu Merugu, Caleb Platt
My role: research, concept and form development, surface modeling, rendering
CAD development refined geometry, proportions, and surface breaks.
Designed for Performance

The final design is true to Porsche with an aggressive visual language and performance driven geometry.  A carbon fiber frame and wheels ensure the Century is light and fast on the road.
Designed for the Everyday

A discrete electric pedal assistance system allows for smooth riding on the everyday city commute.
Let There Be Light

Integrated lighting creates a distinctive visual element while illuminating the road ahead.
Always Stay Informed

A seamless user interface elegantly provides crucial information such as speed and battery power.
The Porsche Cycling: Century E-Bike embodies the story of Porsche for a new market and generation.
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